Your Personal Albuquerque CPA Firm


The right Trusted Adviser’s for  your Tax, Financial and Consulting needs — We are a CPA Firm that you can trust!

Gone are the days of the green-eye shade, the perfect straight edge, and the accountant whose personality is only a little more than a cardboard picture. We are today’s Certified Public Accountants! Get ready for a trusted advisor who puts together the details of your finances, taxes, business deals and procedures and makes sense of them. Not only making sense, but explaining it all to you in as much or as little detail as you want.

What makes us the CPA firm that you should choose for your “Trusted Advisor”? Here are a few points:

  • We are solution oriented. Many firms operate in the world of compliance only. We recognize the absolute requirement of our clients to comply with tax law and other regulations. We look for a solutions in the maze of laws and regulations.
  • We care about your financial well being, whether in preparing accurate taxes or advising on business matters.
  • We convey things to you in an understandable way.
  • We are not ordinary. Come to our office and see what we do differently.

These are not all, but we want to keep a few reasons as surprises for when we meet you.

We are a CPA firm practicing throughout the nation. Businesses and individuals are more than a part of a city; we are all affected by events happening all around us, and we affect what happens to others far away. Consider legislation in Denver, Colorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico or Washington, D.C; these places affect how we plan for business decisions and how we prepare and plan for our taxes. Currency transactions in Germany or South Africa — affecting you  in so many ways. A terrorist attack in Paris, or a competitive presidential race… it all affects all of us. You need a Trusted Advisor™ with a pulse on what it all means to you.

Trust takes time to develop, weeks, months, sometimes years. As your trusted advisor™ we commit to being the go-to person who you can trust to tell you the truth even when it is bad news. The good news is that we try to predict that good or bad news so you know what to expect, be it the tax consequence of a transaction,  the Health Care Act, or other personal and business decisions.

New clients often ask how we are able to keep up with all of the new regulations and tax rules. Our answer: we know that this is what you expect from your CPA. You need to be able to trust the answers you get from us. The more accurate answer is that we strive to exceed the standards imposed by various regulators. The State Board Of Accountancies™  require certain standards for all states, such as continuing education programs and quality control inspections, know as peer reviews. We spend many hours in education; have subscriptions to the best tax and accounting resources; and talk to each other to share our knowledge. We expect to exceed your expectations.

We offer all of the traditional and many of the alternative services provided by Certified Public Accountants. These include audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements. Our firm prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses, including those individuals with complex tax situations. Write up and bookkeeping services, with popular bookkeeping programs, payroll, internal analysis of accounts; this is how our firm started, and we continue to do this work. In this regard, we do not seem very different than most Albuquerque CPA firms.

The difference is that we offer solutions to your business and tax issues. And even if we don’t wear the eye-shade, we still know how to use the straight edge and slide rule and to “tick and tie” “foot and cross-foot”; but we usually do those with more up-to-date tools. Our computer, server, cloud servers, serve us well. Most importantly, our people embody the traditions of the eye-shade.

If you are not getting that from your current accounting firm, please contact us.

Here are a few other ways we are different, but the most important is that we ferret out solutions to the problems if at all possible.

  • Our technology is top notch! From portals to electronic filing and email blasts, we are on top of it.
  • When we can’t find an answer, we tell you. Sometimes there is not a good solution, but there is always a solution.
  • We have been through almost all of the situations that our clients have been through; experience leads to solutions.

Contact Shirley Vaughn personally to learn more about what we can do for you. 505-828-0900 extension 11.