More Than Just a CPA Firm ….

Discover a CPA firm with a passion for discovering innovative solutions to complex tax issues, business and compliance services and quality advisory services. Jim and Shirley Vaughn and their staff of professionals and Associates have developed just such a firm; a firm whose mission is to help provide a better life for our clients.

Advisory and maintenance — the two functions that form the basis of our firm are also the two pieces missing from most traditional CPA firms.  Advisory starts the process of building and rebuilding your business to take advantage of tax laws, through planning;  reviewing accounting methods and procedures; using analytical methods of measurement; and keeping up with the fast changing technology. Using these techniques, your personal and business goals may be attained and protected.

Maintenance continues the process, taking care of all of the compliance tasks that traditionally have been performed by CPA firms. Tax preparation; bookkeeping, payroll matters, required filings; and board meetings. While not visionary, all of these matters require precise attention. VaughnCPA performs these important matters accurately and with precision.

Working hard to develop VaughnCPA into the innovative firm it is today has not been easy, and will never be finished as long as business and financial visionaries exist.
More than just a traditional CPA firm ….. read the tabs that interes you and read our tools and blog.

We ask you to invite us into your financial home so that our lives will be better.

Our CFO/business management consultant services specializes in optimizing your business’s bottom line

We offer a management consulting for your business starting with CFO as a Service; which may include the complete responsibility for your accounting functions and departments. This includes most of the mechanical parts of recording the daily transactions, reconciling banks, receivables, payables and other accounts; creating and presenting strategic and analytical reports; and providing both a sounding board and valuable advice. Many smaller businesses cannot devote the resources to a full-time CFO but still need the services. Outsourcing these duties to VaughnCPA may be an affordable way to accomplish the goal

Our CPA firm performs financial audits, reviews and other assurance services. These services carry that extra measure of assurance that reports of Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) have always provided. Accurate accounting records are the foundation for all financial statements, which should be prepared under generally accepted accounting principles. These statements are critical for business planning and consulting, and other financial decisions.Northern Colorado CPA Firm

Audited or Reviewed Financials or Compiled statements may be required by your bank for funding and working capital, or by your insurance company for bonding. There are also a host of regulatory agencies with financial statement requirements. Construction contractors may have special requirements for presentation of financial statements with contracts in progress calculations.

Accurate accounting is the foundation for all financial information; a service we provide. Business planning and consulting begins with proper statements prepared using generally accepted accounting principles, and that may mean audited or reviewed financial statements. If you are considering purchasing a business, you will want the assurance that such statements provide.

NonProfit Accounting Firm for Tax & Compliance

Organizing and operating a nonprofit corporation, or serving on the board of your favorite activity may seem a simple thing. You have a mission and a passion. These, along with a lot of hard work, may make your organization a huge success. There are some guidelines to follow and our CPA firm, will guide you through rules and regulations and give you practical advice about Non-profit accounting best practices.

One of the instructions given by the IRS and most States to non-profit organizations is that they follow guidelines to ensure that the organization is governed properly (good governance). Your bylaws should state these rules and how to use them. If they do not, then it is time for a bylaws committee to revise them to be in line with “best practices”.