Business Consulting and Planning

Besides being an Albuquerque CPA firm, we are a small business working with other small businesses and nonprofits. Use our business planning service to meet and exceed your goals and challenges. CPA business planning and  consulting services are an important part of our paractice.

Strategic Business Planning and Consulting

When you started your business you had a vision and a plan. Is it time to revisit yours, with some business planning consulting input from outside sources like and Albuquerque CPA? This might include updating your accounting records, development of a business or marketing plan, day to day management of operations, capital planning, working with bankers or others and arranging meetings in foreign countries. You don’t have to be a large business to need planning, in fact, just the opposite. Income and cash flow projections are easily done; overlook these and your business will suffer. Tax Planning and Tax Accounting are important for your your overall strategic plan.

Business Advisory Services

Take advantage of professional business planning and consulting advice available from CPA’s who have an independent perspective of your financial and operating results. Our business planning and  consulting  service will help you put together a Business Advisory Committee to give new advice to profitable grow, manage and staff your business. As an Albuquerque CPA firm we are nearby at any time, and through technology, we are able to be there in virtual form immediately.

As an example, imagine that you are planning to open a new technology business and that you have a service that will be in high demand. There are several questions that you should be asking; What will be the best structure for you to use? Will you be borrowing money or using funds of your own? Will there be other investors or partners’ to make arrangements with? How will you do your marketing? What will be in your business plan? Bookkeeping? Accounting Policies? So many questions, we can be your Business Consultants to assist with the questions that  need to be asked, then to assist you with the projections and the planning, and to work with you on financing and capitalization.

In this example, we would meet weekly, monthly or quarterly to examine the fundamentals that you are building your business upon. Using the Financial Statements and other software tools, the questions that need to be asked, get asked and answered. The business planning is updated. Goals for future results are set and reset. Plans are made for “Plan B” situations. The results are monitored by the Business Consultant and Coach and the hard questions are asked. The procedure is not an easy one, but then no one said being in business would be easy. We can be your trusted advisor and business planning consultant to offer the critical eye, the unspoken question, and truthful advice. Other advisors might be brought in to assist.

Sometimes, it is just the asking of the question that starts your business in the right direction. Try our Individual financial consulting options also. 

Let our Business Planning and Consulting Service: ask those questions!