What’s Happening – Office News

What’s Happening – Office News 


Our new address at 6605 Uptown Blvd. NE, # 370,  Albuquerque, NM is in a great part of the Uptown area, in the Bank of America Building; west of  Louisiana and “Total Wine” and just South of Coronado Center. While no move is easy, we worked together to get everything in place for the busy season so that we could devote our Albuquerque CPA firm to your tax season needs. Whether you have been a client for a long time or are new to our web site, please feel comfortable in stopping by to see our place.

And speaking of busy season, we made it through and are now working on the extended returns, the financial statements and the other services described in this web site. April 15 comes every year, and we always make it to April 16.  

FILING AN EXTENSION IS NOT A BAD THING…. But you have to follow the rules.

Sometimes your information is just not quite ready by April 15 or in time for your preparer to do a great job. The extension allows you to file after April 15, but does not allow you to pay late. If you filed an extension, but did not send a payment and believe you will owe taxes, you should make the payment now, even though it is late. There are several ways to do this, including making an installment agreement with an extension.  IRS expects you to be able to estimate your tax liability by April 15 within 10% to avoid the late payment penalty. An individual may automatically extend their return filing until October 15. In some circumstances, this allows extra time to make a deferred compensation payments (check with us for which types of plans allow this).

Corporation, partnership, trust and other pass-thru entity returns may be extended, generally, to September 15, for a calendar year tax payer. Non-profits, benefit plans, and certain other entities may have other due dates.


Each Monday at noon we have a weekly staff meeting to discuss status and areas of potential problems. If you have an issue you think we need to discuss, please let one of the staff know and we promise to discuss it at our meeting. We try to keep Monday’s free of appointments, so we can catch up on clients needing our attention. This is what’s happening – office news influenced by you, our customers and allies.

Technology,  like it or not, both simplifies and complicates our lives. We are still looking at the new tax laws and attending seminars for the recently enacted legislation. As a client, you are a part of our firm. If you are aware of any technology that we are missing out on, please let us know. If we can’t use it, one of our clients may find it helpful. As we move to Windows 8, “Siri”, integrated solutions and more education, the tech world never looked so promising.

We always appreciate your business and ask that you refer business to us this year. We try to be everything you expect and if we are not meeting your expectations, please let us know.