Although the economy may be ramping up, a little extra exposure may not hurt. In this economy, we must be constantly networking, sharing our business thoughts and products in every venue is important. Facebook™, Twitter™, and the other social sites have become networking outlets for products and services.  Add one more:

For our clients and especially for nonprofit organizations, if you would like to promote your business on our site, we will post your logo and a link to your website. All submissions are subject to approval. By allowing a posting of a link here, VaughnCPA is not endorsing or recommending the company or organization. We will not post links from certain industries which may be uncomfortable to our readers.

Nonprofit organizations have an especially difficult time being noticed. Although this is a small space, someone may notice and click through to your site. Our office and our staff have always had deep feelings for those organizations trying to bring education, kindness, human services and other charitable functions to the public. Your logo and link may be a perfect fit for someone looking to volunteer or contribute to a cause.

To take advantage of this, please send your link and logo to

We are ready. Our Page is up and within a few days of submission, your logo and link will be listed on our site. CLICK

At VAUGHNCPA,  we care about you and your business.