More Than Just a CPA Firm ….

Discover a CPA firm with a passion for discovering innovative solutions to complex tax issues, business and compliance services and quality advisory services. Started by James and Shirley Vaughn, their staff of Professionals and Associates have developed just such a firm; a firm whose mission is to help provide a better life for our clients.

Advisory and maintenance — the two functions that form the basis of our firm are also the two pieces missing from most traditional CPA firms. 

Advisory starts the process of building and rebuilding your business to take advantage of PLANNING. Planning for the ultimate use of tax laws; planning and  reviewing accounting methods and procedures; planning for up-to-date analytical methods of measurement; and keeping up with fast changing technology. Using these planning techniques, your personal and business goals may be attained and protected; and you life may be better!

Maintenance continues the process, taking care of all of the compliance tasks that traditionally have been performed by CPA firms. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) assistance; tax preparation; bookkeeping, payroll matters, required filings; and board meetings. While not visionary, all of these matters require precise attention. VaughnCPA performs these important matters accurately and with precision.

Working hard to develop VaughnCPA into the innovative firm it is today has not been easy, and will never be finished as long as business and financial visionaries exist.

More than just a traditional CPA firm ….. read the tabs that interest you and read our tools and blog.

We ask you to invite us into your financial home so that our lives will be better.