Compliance and Nonprofits

Certified Audits

Our Albuquerque CPA firm performs audits, reviews and other assurance services. These services carry that extra measure of assurance that reports of Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) have always provided. Accurate accounting records are the foundation for all financial statements, which should be prepared under generally accepted accounting principles. These statements are critical for business planning and consulting, and  other financial decisions.

New Mexico Audits – Regulatory Audits – NonProfit Audits


The New Mexico Attorney General or other regulatory bodies may require an audit of your non-profit organization by a CPA firm. We are familiar with these requirements and are happy to discuss them with you. Even if you are not required to have an audit, your board of directors should have the accounting information necessary to operate in a business like manner.

Audits, Reviews, Compilations – Financial Statements

Audited or Reviewed Financials or Compiled statements may be required by your bank or for bonding. Construction contractors may have special requirements. Accurate accounting is the foundation for all financial information; a service we provide. Business planning and consulting begins with proper  statements prepared using generally accepted accounting principles,  and that may mean audited or reviewed financial statements. If you are considering purchasing a business, you may want the assurance that such statements provide. If you are not on the premises of your business, or have remote locations, audited or reviewed financial statements may give you some additional assurance that your operations are being handled properly.

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