Planning and Consulting


Retirement, Tax and Business Services from a Financial Perspective

We are an Albuquerque CPA Firm of people just like you, who must cope with planning for retirement, college education, emergencies and the challenges that these bring. we can understand what our business and individual clients need because we are much like these clients. We have families, deal with daily financial decisions, do our personal investing, and deal with eduction, and do everything that our clients do. Here are a few of the services we provide from a financial perspective. We do planning and consulting.

Business consulting

How is your business doing and why do you need a consultant? Our Albuquerque CPA firm asks this question early in the process. Let’s focus on where you thing a problem may exist.  No matter what size business you have, how much money you gross or net, a moderate review may reveal some underlying problems that have been overlooked because you have the day to day operations, sales, collections, bills, etc. to complete. A step back is the first step of our approach to business consulting.  Call VaughnCPA  to find something in your company that can be fixed.

Retirement and Investment Allocation and Planning

Will you have enough to live on when you retire? The question that everyone asks, has an answer. in a visit with us, we will together examine the goals you, the lifestyle choices you make and how you plan to spend your retirement years. Then, together, we determine the resources available and the answer to that important question becomes very clear. The techniques are constantly changing and you need the expertise of a firm that “tweaks”, changes, and re-evaluates personal and business options. New methods may be the best for you, or you may do best by following the tried and true. Alternatively, your expenses and living style may require some adjustment. Either way, the answer is personal and individual to you and can only be arrived at by spending time. We look forward to spending time with you on a personal basis to answer this very important question.

Allocation of resources, a fancy way to say that you need to put your money where is does the most good, is very important in this process. Many CPA firms provide the calculations, we provide the answers.

Wealth Protection and Estate Planning

Once your business, personal and tax planning has produced the goals you and your advisor planned for, you will want to be sure it is protected. A frank discussion of the risks of loss from poor decisions, loss from taxation, loss from improper investments and the benefits of liability protection will again produce answers. Proper preparation of documents by an attorney; consideration of your children and grandchildren or other potential heirs requires you to properly structure your assets so that your wealth, of whatever size, is protected from these risks.

Of special interest in this regard is a proper business succession plan. Who manages the assets when you no longer want to be that involved? Early advise in this area is important. Often the business is the most important asset to be considered, but business consulting and planning by an Albuquerque CPA firm looking at the whole picture, including tax consequences might show that early diversification of all assets is important.

Education Planning

The education of your children and grandchildren or even yourself may be the best gift ever! Consistent and early planning for education is important thin these days of ever rising college costs. Tax efficient methods may be just right for you, but again, looking at the entire picture with an independent eye is the only way to find the best method for you. 529 plans, regular savings, investment planning through real estate, and other innovative methods; all should be considered on a personal basis.