Individual Financial Consulting

 Practical Tools

Individual Financial Consulting takes effort. While we all realize that we need to do the planning, we rarely sit down and actually PLAN TO PLAN.  The financial consulting offered by an outside firm, such as VaughnCPA, an Albuquerque CPA firm, becomes a great help. Monthly scheduled meetings at neutral places, “homework” assignments and discussions on specific problem areas will become meetings to look forward to rather than a chore to be avoided.  The outside influence keeps you on track and moving in the right direction.

Decisions and choices made now will make your future more comfortable. Our job is to encourage you to make those choices, listening to your goals and trying to keep those goals in your mind as you make those choices. New car or used? Working overtime or changing jobs? Vacationing abroad or a long weekend in the mountains? All of these are your choices, and there is no absolutely right answer;  we are there to remind you of the goals you have set and see how the choices  you are making will affect those goals.

Here are a few important things to consider when you plan:

  1. Living on less than you earn
  2. Emergency Fund
  3. Savings Plan
  4. Spending Guideline (Budget)
  5. Education planning
  6. Opportunities, such as your employer’s 401K plan and matching funds.
  7. Good debt vs. Bad debt

None of the individual financial consulting works without your positive attitude. There will be the times that you will just want to give up and let your live move forward by chance. We are there to encourage you and show you how the numbers work, getting you back on track. Sustainable progress results in met goals. Personal and Business Consulting and Financial planning is available in our office. Our conference room is also available as a neutral and comfortable place to work on your budget.  You won’t be distracted and may be able to be objective.

“It is never too late to begin this process. Every stage of your life requires individual financial planning and individual financial consulting. One of the most important aspects of this is a planner who can listen well enough to share your goals and visions. This is important at every one of those stages. We are a CPA and Consulting firm and we will listen to your visions, help formulate your financial goals and work with you to create a pathway towards success”.

We have amazing resources for business planning and consulting.