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Business Coaching and Outsourced CFO Services work together.

You have probably used a coach at your gym; had one for sports activities, maybe even have been one for your child’s soccer team. Coaching is not new, but Business Coaching is getting a new look. And now, with the introduction of Outsourced CFO services, the combination of having both a coach to help you realize your potential and a CFO to take care of the back office details is a real dream come true.

Our innovative coaching system allows us to provide coaching all across America by utilizing the latest technologies like secure cloud document transfer, Skype, and Join Me sessions. The same technologies are now being used to outsource CFO services for the assistance needed to keep your books and financial arrangements working correctly. This combination creates a synergy that has one natural result: strategic planning. This is where the vision it takes to both coach and be coached and the hard work it takes to grind out the details meet. Meaningful decisions can then be made  based upon the potential of the company and accurate data.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals, whether that be to increase revenue, minimize expenses, effectively utilize your staff, increase the profitability of your company, or make more time for your personal life. Working together we will find  those areas in your company that can have serious financial impact;  can be worked on right away will give you more control over your business. In a short period of time you will begin to taste the success that other entrepreneurs have achieved by utilizing our coaching services.

This path is not simple or easy but if you stick to it you will see the results.

We have experience working with businesses; resources of our own to apply to your information; the ability to listen and interpret. We have the experience to know what the effect taxes, economic conditions and other issues might have on your business.  We have access to what other businesses in your industry are doing and what are their important metrics. This is the person who should be your Business Coach!

And it should be us; here’s why:  Business Coaching means listening first, asking questions about your goals and visions, and, as with an athletic coach, making suggestions and keeping the motivation level high. This is very different from the consultant who wants to make your business into his vision.

Then add the CFO services so your business is continually up to date with the books, the bank, the reports and the personnel — the result is a powerhouse for your business.

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