Your Non-Profit Making it Fun

Having Fun with your Non-profit

Joining a nonprofit organization is a noble and worthwhile activity…but at the same time can be a lot of work for the organizers, founders and board members. Whether volunteering for aid to animals, education of at risk children, or support organizations, there is a feeling of fulfillment and joy when you see the results, perhaps in only one person or animal that you have helped. Sometimes that takes a long time.

non=-profit-accounting-for-your-501c3It may be an odd section of a CPA Website to see something about Having Fun with your Non-profit, but at our firm, we believe that everything we do should have a “fun” part to it….from the preparation of tax returns and financial statements, to the community outreach. It is meaningless if you do not enjoy what you are doing. So, have some fun.

VaughnCPA has members  involved in many nonprofit organizations, from church, civic, educational, arts, and other community service groups. One such group is dedicated to bringing jobs to a very depressed area in Louisiana, an area where the unemployment is over 80% and the population of the town is fleeing a formerly prosperous and beautiful small community. Another group is focused on improving access to New Mexican culture and history to our school age children who no longer find funding for this in their school classes. Working together on projects is a lot of fun, as anyone who has done these activities can attest. We know how to maximize your tax deduction with our non-profit accounting services.

We are happy to have you promote your nonprofit organization on our blog, marking nonprofit as the category. Be sure that you include your contact information and your link to your website.

We firms usually concentrate on the rules, and of course we have to look at these in our audits and tax return preparations; VaughnCPA also is excited for you to have fun with your organization.