Tax Prep and Planning

Focused on tax planning, tax preparation and tax projection

Tax Preparation

Our experienced personnel have been preparing tax returns for many years as an Albuquerque tax and CPA firm. The business and the laws have changed, but the judgment required to accurately prepare and plan only improves with experience. Every year, we prepare more than 1000 individual, corporate, partnership, and business tax returns. Business planning and consulting and coaching go hand in hand with proper tax accounting and tax preparation.

If you have been selected for a tax audit, we can assist you to be ready for your appointment or represent you, if necessary. When your tax accounting records need to be squeaky clean, we can help. Tax audits may be intimidating and emotional. No one wants to have to prove themselves before a government agency. We remove the emotional aspect from your audit, providing the emotional and physical buffer necessary to resolve differences and be your advocate. Tax practice is more than just tax preparation.finance5

 We also work with clients who have been accused of criminal tax matters. If you are in this situation, you need tax accountants who are familiar with the rules of the Criminal Investigation Department, and who can assess whether your returns rise to a criminal level or not. Without practicing law, we can assist your attorney with a tax fraud investigation.


More important than the actual tax preparation is the planning and projection of your tax liabilities. As an Albuquerque CPA firm we go beyond just doing tax returns, we help you develop a strategy for your Tax planning needs. No one likes surprises when the taxes are due, and with planning and proper tax strategies, we may be able to find additional savings. Choices of accounting methods may make significant changes in your liabilities. Business Planning and Tax Planning are both important and must work into your goals as a business.

The wrong choice in tax preparation may upset the business planning you have done with your financing or capitalization rules and covenants. Business entity planning is a big part of this; the wrong choice in the business planning area may upset the tax planning area. Today’s newer intricate tax rules, regulations and interpretations make your choice of entity something more than just answering some questions on a web site.  We, an Albuquerque CPA firm, have the experience and the foresight to look beyond one area of your business and apply the choices in the tax code so that both goals are considered. You will have choices to make, let them be informed choices.


Continuing research, seminars, reading case laws and qualified staffing helps to bring new ideas to tax planning. But Innovation in tax preparation and tax planning does not stop there. Our office is innovative in practice. For example, many of our clients now prepare their own returns using some computer program and bring it in for us to check and review. Our portal delivery system works well for immediate access to documents. Retrieval of accounting records from Cloud based programs improves turnaround time. We work in the real world providing solutions to your tax challenges.
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